Picture by GisèleWulfsohn: Frances Baard

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Edito : South Africa's changes were brought about by dedicated people and a long struggle. Gisèle Wulfsohn's picture of Frances Baard gives us the opportunity to learn more about her and pay tribute to her and others who committed themselves to the struggle for freedom and dignity for all South Africans.

Here is an excerpt from SAHO (South African History Online) a very interesting website which I will be adding to my favorites,

"Frances “MaBaard” Baard was born in 1901 in Kimberley, Northern Cape. She worked as a domestic servant and then as a teacher but became militant as a result of her experiences of oppression and exploitation in South Africa. As a budding activist she drew her influence from Raymond Mhlaba and Ray Alexander."

And on the same website you will find an autobiography by Frances Baard at: "My spirit is not banned"


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Robin Margo 18/12/2009 00:22

Great photographs. Robin

Athalie Crawford 18/12/2009 00:19

Dear Ian

A beautiful picture. Francis Baard was involved in organising for the same union as I was, later, The Food and Canning Workers Union, which Ray Alexander started. i also did a radio documentary
about the Women's Anti-pass struggle some years ago, which used a clip of Francis Baard's voice explaining that a pass had never done any work, that it had never dug a potato...If I was
technologically capable, I would send this doc on the computer for your interest, but as it is, I will have to send you a cd copy if you are interested, and so would need a physical address.

Mark Turpin 13/12/2009 20:16

The picture of Frances Baard is one of Gisele's finest - it hangs in the offices of Kessels & Smit The Learning Company in the Maliebaan in Utrecht (in the Africa room) - see the photo at: